My Creative Entries

It’s really hard to pick your FAVORITE or BEST projects when you’re limited in the number of items you can submit. I would love this opportunity. So here are my creations.


The following banner is one of my favorite banners I’ve made. I combined the snowflake kit, the canvas banner kit and the add-on kit. I also make 3 extra rosettes. I added some bells to give it some more flair. I LOVE it!


Some close-ups!



Curled Ribbon Wreath – This wreath was so much fun to make and so so easy. I completed it – start to finish in one night (just a couple hours). You just take you bone folder and lots and lots of 3/4″ strips of paper and curl them and then you use straight pins to attach them to a foam wreath. So much fun. I gave this as the final gift in a secret sister holiday gift exchange at work – along with the fun banner below.

Christmas Curled Paper Wreath

I received a box of “FREEBIES” for participating in a contest…Now, I’m not remember which one 🙂 I got the stocking die and some paper and the embellishments and the sweater trim ribbon. I braided the ribbon to add a bit of detail to the banner. It turned out really fun!
Christmas Mini Banner

We do a Valentine’s Charity event at work to support a charity run by a board/committee of employees. The asked if I would make some Valentine’s cards to sell. I made these cards and made matching envelopes. The sold out in the first half hour of them being in there.
Valentine Pop Up Card

The group that I’m apart of prides itself in the quality of swaps that we do. We don’t really have to give guidelines to our swaps – we just say “Queens Standard”. This was the card I made to swap for our last gathering. It was actually chosen by my peers as the best card! I did CASE part of the idea from a card I saw on Pinterest but really stepped it up. If you click on the link you can see.
Gold Goddess

I wish I had a big/better picture of this card! I made this card for my hubby for Valentine’s this year. He is a VERY manly man. Likes to get his hands dirty working on projects in the garage, whether it be a truck, a wood working project, etc. It’s REALLY hard to make cards that don’t yell girly in some sort. This was what I came up with. He LOVED it and thought it was the best card I had ever made (because it was the most masculine).
I Freakin' Love You Card


This is one of my favorite scrapbook pages I’ve made. I made them for Convention Swap last year. I love it!

008 (1)


A close up




This is the matching card I made for that swap. Enjoy!